The Reading Group on Design, Engineering, and Society (DES) is a joint initiative by Profs. Theodora Vardouli (Architecture) and AJung Moon (Electrical and Computer Engineering), aimed at fostering interdisciplinary conversations on social aspects of design and technology. Conversation topics include the morality and agency of artifacts, the co-construction of technology and society, users and experts, democratic technics and governance, as well as specific domains of climate, infrastructure, and algorithms. Readings are selected by the moderators and participants, with each session pairing recent “case” pieces, focusing on specific instances of technology development and use, with essays discussing broader intellectual frameworks and methods for discussing relationships of technology and society. The group also aims to be a hub for discussing specific research topics introduced by participants and brainstorming future projects and collaborations. It is open to students and faculty members in the Faculty of Engineering, as well as any other interested members in the McGill community.

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