themes and readings

10/02/19: Machine bias and the politics of artifacts [view notes]

  • Angwin, Julia, Larson, Jeff, Mattu, Surya and Lauren Kirchner. 2016. “Machine BiasPropublica.

10/09/19: Democratic technics [view notes]

10/16/19: Social constructions of technology [view notes]

10/30/19: Automation and inequality [view notes]

11/06/19: Ethics of Automated Decision Making; Heteromation [view notes]

11/13/19: Social Robots [view notes]

  • Scheutz, Matthias (2009) The Inherent Dangers of Unidirectional Emotional Bonds between Humans and Social Robots. Robot ethics: The ethical and social implications of robotics (pdf file)
  • Turkle, Sherry (2006) A nascent robotics culture: New complicities for companionship. Online article (pdf file)

11/20/19: Autonomous Cars [view notes]

12/04/19: Technology and Morality

  • J. Millar, “Technology as Moral Proxy: Autonomy and Paternalism by Design,” in IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 47-55, June 2015.
  • Verbeek, Peter-Paul (2011) Introduction. In Moralizing Technology: Understanding and Designing the Morality of Things. Chicago; London: The University of Chicago Press.

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