Since the creation of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, social media has rapidly emerged as an important venue for people to share their experiences with various drugs, opinions on drug and alcohol addiction, as well as their experiences with addiction treatment and therapy in general. As evidenced by a quick visit to online forums such as bluelight and drug-forum, as well as more popular social networking websites, there are numerous individuals today who share their ideas and experiences with drugs and alcohol openly.

The purpose of this blog is to foster discussion about addiction and mental health by sharing information, news, and opinions regarding drug and alcohol addiction, related mental illness, and addiction treatment within and beyond the Addictions Unit research and clinical team. We hope to use your comments to form a wider understanding of drug addiction in the context of social media by complementing them with other forms of drug addiction research, as well as by using them to guide further research.

In addition, drug addiction discourse on the Internet has helped clinicians to develop online-based treatments for alcohol and drug addiction which have been proven effective by some studies. As these studies are mostly quantitative, we would like to expand the examination of the efficacy of online-based drug addiction treatment to a wider scale that includes public opinion regarding these treatments in order to complement the present findings.

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