Goodbye CenterStage Blogs, Hello

The blog functionality that you may have become accustomed to in CenterStage will not be available in D2.  Knowing that some of our users wish to continue blogging once CenterStage has been decommissioned, we are recommending as the new solution. is a virtual space for individuals or groups who wish to publish, discuss or link to content, and have it shared privately or with the global online community.  This service is centrally supported by IT Services through the WordPress software platform. This platform provides a user-friendly, feature-rich, centralized system for building and publishing blogs at McGill. Click here for more information about this service, including how to submit a request for a new blog and training.

Any blog content currently existing in CenterStage will not be copied over to D2. Therefore, we ask that you please refrain from creating any new blogs in either existing or new CenterStage spaces. If you wish to have your blog content migrated to and require any assistance with this process, please contact us at

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