What’s new with D2

D2 has been developed with a strong focus on a modern, highly intuitive user interface. While we say goodbye to some of the features we have become accustomed to in CenterStage, we welcome a number of new and exciting improvements in D2.

See below for an initial list of new features available in D2, along with those we will be leaving behind with CenterStage.

  • An advanced search capability is available in D2 which allows you to search in specific workspaces.
  • A new ‘Consumer’ role, with read-only access is offered.
  • The browser plug-in is available on Safari for Mac OSX.
  • Coordinators are able to reset passwords.
  • Personalize your workspace via customizable widgets.
  • Import/export an entire folder structure.
  • Check-in/check-out is a manual process in D2.
  • CenterStage tags will not be migrated to D2. Tags do not exist in D2, however keywords are available.

More information on all new features will be provided during the training sessions and a KB article with further details is in the works.

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