Get ready, get set, D2 migrations begin this summer

Beginning this summer, CenterStage spaces will be migrated into D2.

In the coming weeks, all Space Coordinators will receive an email notification for each of the CenterStage spaces they manage. The email will include information on the date planned for the space migration, as well as any necessary measures that must be taken beforehand and how to register for training.

A subsequent email will be sent to all Coordinators AND Participants closer to the date of migration.

Important things to keep in mind before migrations begin:

Action required:

  • Locked files: Make sure any files that are in the process of being edited are saved to ensure the most up to date changes are migrated into D2.
  • Data tables: If you were previously using data tables in CenterStage, please ensure your data table content is saved prior to migration. For more information on how to do this, please follow the step-by-step instructions in the Knowledge Base.

For your information:

  • Tags: CenterStage tags will not be migrated into D2. Tags do not exist in D2, however keywords are available.
  • Comments: File comments will be migrated into D2. Folder comments, on the other hand, will not be migrated. Read More.
  • Subscriptions: File subscriptions will be functioning in D2 immediately once migrated. However, Folder and Space subscriptions, even though they will be migrated, will not function in D2. Read More.
  • Wikis and Blogs: Wiki and Blog content will be extracted from CenterStage and migrated into D2 in the form of Word documents. Read More.

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