D2 training registration is now open

D2 training workshops begin this week.
Two separate sessions have been designed: one for people who will contribute to spaces in D2 and the other specifically for coordinators who are responsible for space membership, permissions and managing the security policy of the space. Each session will include a demonstration and hands-on practice. Coordinators should sign up for both sessions, meanwhile Contributors (previously known as Participants in CenterStage) should only sign up for the D2 Contributor Training session.

For more information: please see the course descriptions and training dates in the Knowledge Base.

To sign up for a D2 workshop, please register via Minerva:

1. Login to Minerva.

2. Go to Employee menu > IT Customer Services (ICS) Training > Content Management System

3. Register for your preferred session:

  • CMS 501 D2 Contributor Training: Coordinators and Contributors (previously known as Participants in CenterStage) should register for this course.
  • CMS 502 D2 Coordinator Training: Coordinators should register for this course.

4. Click Submit Registration Request.

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