getfile.phpMcGill’s document management solution, CenterStage, was deprecated and lost vendor support on April 30th, 2017. CenterStage is currently used for creating, managing and publishing electronic documents (e.g. text documents, spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, media files, etc.), as well as for communicating with group members via customizable web-page spaces, blogs and wikis.

In Summer 2017, CenterStage will be replaced with a new tool called D2. As we continually aim to enhance our services, users’ concerns about CenterStage were carefully considered and directed our efforts in selecting an appropriate replacement. Keeping McGill’s growing needs in mind, the fundamental goal is to ensure that D2 will meet all requirements and integrate with our current, robust document management system.

D2 has similar features to CenterStage such as versioning, full text search and document check in/out. Furthermore, D2 will provide additional document management functionalities such as workflows, lifecycles and a document viewer.

In order to ensure a smooth and transparent transition between services, we will communicate regularly with all CenterStage space coordinators via email and the ECM Blog, providing details on important dates, key features, implementation progress, and training.

For more info see the Knowledge Base article about Document Management Solutions.

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