Look and Feel Sessions – Discovering D2

Surprised girl looking through binoculars black and whiteOn January 26st & 31st, and February 9th & 15th, the ECM team organized a series of “Look & Feel sessions” for Space Coordinators. By attending, you had the opportunity to discover the preliminary version of the new D2 tool and give us your feedback.

Session content

The D2 look & feel sessions were purely informational (no hands on) and designed to familiarize you with the interface and functionality of the new solution.

These short, one hour sessions were divided into 2 parts:

  1.  The first half included a demonstration of the following key features:
    • D2 roles
    • Login
    • Basic navigation
    • Space navigation
    • User settings
    • How to add/remove widgets
    • Folders
    • Files
    • Searching
  2. The second half was reserved for questions.

Call for QA testing volunteers

During the sessions, it was mentioned that testing in the QA environment will begin in the early spring. For anyone who wishes to volunteer to help with this endeavor, please email us at ecmcommunication.ccs@mcgill.ca.

Thanks to all who attended the D2 look and feel sessions, as well as for your questions, feedback and enthusiasm!

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