Have questions about the transition from CenterStage to D2? See the FAQs below for more information on this project.

When will my space be migrated to D2?
Migrations from CenterStage to D2 will take place from August 2017 until the end of Fall 2017. You can expect the following email communications from ‘ECM Communication’ in the days leading up to your space migration(s):

  1. Email notification 14 days before migration to Coordinators.
  2. Email notification 10 days before migration to Coordinators and Contributors.
  3. Email notification reminder 2 days before migration to Coordinators and Contributors.
  4. Email confirmation of successful migration 1 day after migration to Coordinators and Contributors.

For any other questions about your space migration(s), please contact the IT Service Desk: itsupport@mcgill.ca

How do I sign up for training?
Two training sessions are currently being offered – one for Contributors and one for Coordinators. See the course descriptions and training dates in the Knowledge Base for more information.

To sign up for a D2 workshop, please register via Minerva:

  1. Login to Minerva.
  2. Go to Employee menu > IT Customer Services (ICS) Training > Content Management System
  3. Register for your preferred session:
  • CMS 501 D2 Contributor Training: Coordinators and Contributors (previously known as Participants in CenterStage) should register for this course.
  • CMS 502 D2 Coordinator Training: Coordinators should register for this course.
  1. Click Submit Registration Request.

I would like to request a new D2 space. How do I do this?
Simply fill out the online D2 Request Form.

Will CenterStage be immediately deprecated when migration begins?
CenterStage will not be immediately deprecated. The migration will occur in stages and CenterStage will continue to support legacy spaces until they are migrated to D2.

Until when will I be able to login and access content in CenterStage?
All access to CenterStage will cease in January 2018.

Until when will CenterStage URL redirects work?
Old CenterStage files, folders and spaces URLs will redirect to D2 for a temporary period of time. Once access to CenterStage ceases in April 2018, these redirects will no longer be functional. Therefore, it is important to update your old CenterStage URLs as soon as possible after migration.

Will I be able to use both CenterStage and D2 simultaneously?
D2 and CenterStage will run in parallel for a period of time. The use of spaces will be mutually exclusive depending on the migration status. In other words, non-migrated spaces will not be able to operate in D2.

Will existing files, documents and permissions in CenterStage be automatically transitioned to D2?
Yes, existing files and documents will be automatically and securely transitioned to D2. Also, all permissions will remain the same.

Will the information currently stored on CenterStage be transferred in its original format to D2?
Yes, all document formats will be preserved. Wikis, blogs, discussions, and data tables are not supported by D2 and alternative options are available for blogs and discussions. See the following posts for more information:

What browsers are supported in D2?

  • Chrome 50 or higher
  • Firefox
  • IE 11
  • Safari for Mac
  • Microsoft Edge for Windows

Will the D2 Plugin be installed automatically on my machine?
If you have a machine covered under the IT Customer Service (ICS) Service Level Agreement (SLA), then your LAN Administrator will handle your plugin installation.

For D2 users who are on a personal or non-centrally supported machine, when you login to D2 for the first time, you will be prompted to install the plugin. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, please see: D2 Plugin installation on personal or non-centrally supported machines.

Where is my ‘Favourites’ widget?
The ‘Favourites’ widget is currently unavailable. It will be available after the D2 space migrations are completed at the end of Fall 2017.

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