FSG 2015: Day 5



Sunday August 2nd was the 5th and final day of Formula Student Germany. Due to our placement in autocross, we knew that we were going to be running near the beginning of the afternoon endurance session. We spent the morning doing final setup preparations and warming up at the test track before getting in line for endurance at around 1:30pm, during the lunch break. At that point we were second in line to go out at the restart.

Pat was the first driver, and started strong, pulling 79 second laps and the car was running relatively smoothly. However, a lap before the driver change, he was forced to pull off track due to an engine stall and unfortunately, the car would not restart. We had to pull out of the race, much to the dismay of the whole team.

We cleaned and packed up the paddock and watched the rest of the endurance as a team; what a sight it was to see! We were able to recover the car after the race and we began investigating what could be the problem. At this moment, it seems as if the spark plugs had come undone during the race, although the reasons for this issue are unknown to us, as this is a never-before-seen occurrence.

After packing up the car and bringing it back to Karlsruhe and putting our equipment and materials in KA-Racing’s immense truck, we went to the final award ceremony. We were still in the running for a trophy (top 3 design for combustion) so we put on our nice polos and made our way up to the ceremony.

A great spectacle to see, over 4000 people were packing into the marquee above the pits to celebrate another year of Formula Student Germany. And then all of these top teams with 50-100 members were able to see the small team from Montreal, McGill University, with 18 members at competition, take home 3rd place in design. We are very proud of this accomplishment, and we hope to continue our path towards engineering excellence for years to come.

The rest of the competition went by in a flash, and the competition was now early. Thanks for following our journey, and we hope to return next year for even more glory!





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