Formula North 2016: Day 1

Formula North 2016 has officially started! The goal for day one was to get through all of tech: srcutineering, tilt, noise and brakes. The team started the day off by finishing up a couple of last minute things to make sure the car was one hundred percent tech-ready. We then rolled off to the tech bay. Everything went very well with only one minor fix to perform (reinforcing the headrest). By 2 PM we were all done with scrutineering and on to dynamic tech!


Next up was to fuel and go through tilt. Tilt was no issue and we passed first try!


After tilt comes the dreaded noise. We had some issues (like always) with pops being too loud and throwing off our reading. A quick switch of the muffler set up managed to do the trick and we were through the hardest part (for most teams) of tech!


Last up was brakes. We had time to spare so Tim ran brakes for his first time ever. It took a couple tries but eventually he nailed it! We had passed tech with time to prep the car and make it pretty for the static events on day 2.


Plan for Day 2: Get through Design, Cost, and Business as well as get some practice time in. Stay tuned!

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