Formula North 2016: Day 2

Day 2 at Formula North is all about static events: Design, Cost and Business. We didn’t have the best schedule with cost at 10:40 and then design at 1:30 – too much time between to just prep and chill but not quite enough to get much done. We ended up pushing pretty hard in the morning to get about half an hour of time in the practice area


We then brought the car back for cost which went pretty well (we came in 15th even with a 3/40 for the relative cost of vehicle score).┬áThe next couple hours was spent prepping for design – last minute studying and making the car look shiny for the judges.Design was right after the lunch break. The team felt that it went pretty smoothly but they weren’t able to go as in depth as they would have wanted because there wasn’t enough judges.┬áBusiness also went well with Simon doing it for his first time with Matt (they came in 7th)!

For the rest of the evening we went back out to the practice area to get ready for the dynamic events on Day 3


We found out the next morning that we made design finals! That meant that Day 3 was going to be jam-packed: Acceleration, Skidpad, Autocross and Design Finals!


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