Formula North 2016: Days 3&4

The last two days of competition were dedicated to dynamics events. Day 3 is all about Acceleration, Skidpad and Autocross with Day 4 being the big event: endurance.

Day 3:

We started the day with the normal morning fixes then off to fueling and accel. It took a while to get the car ready but we even tally got in all four of our runs with Wilson pulling the fastest time of 4.56s.


We then went right over to skidpad with Wilson pulling around a 5.5s.


After lunch it was time to run autocross. We had a couple issues involving fuel and CO2 which took some time to fix so it was a rush to the line. Finally we got all 4 autocross runs in. They were looking pretty fast but I think we accidentally had the cone magnet on because we didn’t manage to put up a clean run.

We then ran back to the pit to get ready for design finals. Had a pep talk and then everyone got suited up. Design finals went really well and I think everyone had a good time showcasing what they know.


We pulled the car out of the pit and into the parking lot to work on it during the evening/night. We weren’t confident that the fuel pump we were running would be able to get to all the fuel necessary for a full enduro run so we swapped in the hydramat.

Day 4:

We didn’t find out that we were running 3rd for endurance until the morning when we woke up. This caused a scramble to pack up and get to track. We were all feeling kinda down about being so early but everyone pushed through and came together to get-er-done.
Because we were going to be running so early, all hands were on deck getting the car ready to go. We also got bumped up to running first because the Ecars that were supposed to go before us were given time to charge their batteries. Thankfully for us the track opened late so we had an extra half our or so to warm up before the race.
Our endurance run ended up looking pretty good – still hit a lot of cones but definitely less than during autocross.
The rest of the afternoon was spent making sure the car wasn’t hemorrhaging fluids and watching the other teams do endurance.
In the evening we had design review and the awards.We ended up getting 2nd in Design and finishing 6th overall!
Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting the team – stay tuned for pre-fsg updates!

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