FSG2016 Early Testing

Monday: The first official day of early testing! We are spending the week at KIT prepping for FSG2016. The truck was picked up while a couple members ensured the car was ready for testing. We also went shopping for food and fluids and chargers and what not, and it was overall a successful outing. The car needed a full shake down and we were out by 17h30 or so, and one of our contacts at Daimler came to visit us while we were in the same country! We were doing basic autoX runs, checking that the setup seemed good (we had new front aero) and checking temps and such. we tested until it got too hot, we stopped, packed up the shop, got some more groceries for dinner, and went home to cook. The Daimler guy came with us which was nice, and we had a great time eating and chatting.

Tuesday: Early start as the track we are using is only open 9-19h. We had to get CO2, which is remarkably hard to get in Germany, and eventually went to KIT campus nord to the firestation where the fire dude filled them up nice. Two more members met up with us and them we went back out on track. We did a few autoX stints with Felix before the drivetrain broke (tripod failure and stubshaft had a crack). After make a trip back to KIT to pickup the drivetrain box, we were still missing a few things necessary, so we decided to head back for the evening to repair. We bled the brakes, as they were giving us some trouble, and there were also some electronics issues. After a night in the shop, we went home, with some electronics investigation to occur at home overnight.


Wednesday: Another early start that began with more investigation into electronics issues. Sensors were not functioning properly, and there was a potential short somewhere. When it was sufficiently deemed safe, we went out on track and had a wonderful test day. Starting with Felix, we got great hot laps and good data. We made setup changes which worked, and we were able to run all day. Luci took a hop in so Felix could take a look from the outside and make more setup changes. We continued to make changes until Luci was exhausted and went back home to prep the car and pack the car for an early night. We went to the biergarten for dinner, and went home.

Thursday: We went straight to track for an official practice endurance, as the truck was already packed. However, 1/3 into 1st driver, we ran into brakes issues that had been bothering us all week. We had thought it was just kinks in the lines, but it seemed to frequent and repeating to make sense. We decided to swap brake pads and discs, but it started raining and the day was coming to an end so we went back to KIT. Quite a bit of water was on the ground, so we setup for skidpad. We got some good runs in, made some setup changes and dropped into the 5.3-5.4s range on a few runs! Lookin good!


Friday: We were still having brakes issues and decided that the best course of action would be to replace the master cylinder. Unfortunately the closest place that sells AP Racing parts was a 3 hour drive away. While a couple members when to go buy one (and fresh driver shoes!) the rest of the team got the car ready and did a couple light autocross runs. After the cylinder switch it seems like our issues were fixed and we were able to get some good track time in!

Saturday: Unfortunately our go to testing area was closed for the weekend so we spend the day testing at KIT. We did some more practice endurances while being extremely stringent about cone hits and off-courses. This lead to our drivers pulling some hella clean laps with great times! That evening KAraceing returned from FS Austria and we were able to chat and hangout a bit while they unloaded their stuff!

Sunday: This day was dedicated to straight line aero testing. We headed up to KIT campus nord where they had a nice flat area for us to get some good aero data. Things went quite smoothly and the data looks great!

Monday: Most of the day was spent packing. KIT decided to run a wet skidpad in the evening so we decided to join in. Luckily for us our 2 skidpad drivers had arrived the day before and were able to get the feel of the wet track. We finished packing rather late but everything was ready to get to FSG2016


Stay tuned for updates on the competition!

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