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Seeds of Change with the McGill Racing Team!

The McGill Racing Team has launched our first-ever crowd funding campaign with McGill Seeds of Change!

Formula Student Germany is one of the top student racing competitions in the world. Help the McGill Racing Team build a fantastic car and get to Germany so we can represent McGill on a global scale! Check out the link below and help support our team!


Help support us!


Making a Monocoque

This month, the Team has been working extremely hard to complete the chassis for MRT17. Members from all subteams stepped up to help out and layup the chassis. Special thanks to our sponsors at Stelia for making this possible! Check out the timelapse of our time at Stelia and demoulding the chassis – almost a month of work condensed to just 2 minutes – HERE!


If your Life is on the Line…you know who to call!

Thanks to LifeLine for helping the team out with a quick release steering boss. It allows our drivers to quickly and safely exit the car with no problem at all. We wouldn’t be able to pass 5 second egress without it – thanks!


This Stock is the Bomb-bardier!

Thank you to Bombardier for continuing to support our team for the 2016 season. They have generously provided the stock material for all our machined parts! Thanks again to Bombardier and we look forward to continue working together in the future!


Relive the Multimatic Chassis Layup with the McGill Racing Team!

Finished Monocoque

Back in January 2015, the McGill Racing Team ventured to Multimatic, an Automotive OEM company in Markham, Ontario to execute the layup of our first ever Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Monocoque chassis. Through their generosity, offering us a work space, special resources, and employee time, we were able to construct a truly stunning chassis. The members that travelled to Markham during those three weeks were able to experience a truly eye-opening process, and learn from high knowledgeable, industry-leading professionals. We cannot thank them enough for their help throughout the process, and we look forward to working with them in the future. As a way to document our journey and share it with the world, we have uploaded a timelapse video on our youtube channel; you can check it out here.

One race car on a table

Just preparing our race car for the paint before reassembling it. Check it out!

MRT14 is taking shape!

The steering system was jigged last night and new manufactured components have finally arrived! Check out the pictures below:


The oil reservoir

Our rack and pinion

Finally, our carbon fiber for the chassis has come and is ready to be installed on the race car!

Machined suspension parts have arrived!

Last week, other suspension parts were machined at McGill’s facilities (see below). There is still a lot to be done before the competition in Michigan but very soon, we will start assembling our racecar. We will keep you updated on the machining and assembling process so stay tuned!

New suspension parts!

Sneak peek of our suspension parts that were welded a few days ago:

New Machined Parts!

Over the past few days, we received other CNC parts such as suspension clevises for our racecar! As the new parts come in, we get to the most exciting part of the process : assembling the car! Stay tuned; further updates are on the way!

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