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Thanks Huntsman!

Thanks Huntsman Advanced Materials for providing us with various epoxies that we will be using for Aerodynamics manufacturing! Also not pictured: a couple huge slabs of Renshape! Check out Huntsman for all the best products for your mould manufacturing needs!

We’re Nuts About Wesco!

Huge shoutout to Wesco Aircraft for providing us with various NAS nuts and bolts! They really keep the car together!

Thank you Airtech!

Thanks Airtech for your generous donation of consumables and vacuum hardware! Check out one of our infusion tests using Airtech gummy tape, bad, and vacuum supplies!

Laser Precision with SAT!


Thank you to Superior Alloy Technology for their continued sponsorship of the team! From lasercut to waterjet they can cut anything you need!

Thank you Bombardier

Huge thank you once again to Bombardier for providing the stock materials for all custom machined parts on MRT18!


Go Loco For Labo!

Thanks to Circuit Labo for printing us some circuit boards. They provide us with high quality PCBs that we use at the heart of our electronics system and that we know we can trust.  Look at some photos of us soldering and testing some boards! Thanks again to Circuits Labo!






We’re Nuts about Wesco!

A big thank you to Wesco for sponsoring the Team with NAS fasteners. We use these fasteners absolutely everywhere on the car, without them the car wouldn’t stay together!


Happy Holidays from the McGill Racing Team!

The McGill Racing Team would like to wish our sponsors, supporters, and friends and family a very merry holiday season!

Holiday 2015

U of T Shootout Video!


Back in September we attended U of T Formula SAE Racing Team Shootout 2015. We have a video recapping our experience over on our Youtube channel. Go check it out here!

MRT Recruitment 2015

For any new students who are looking to get involved with the McGill Racing team please fill out this form and attend our first meeting, Tuesday September 15th at 6:30 in MD267!

Recruitment Picture

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