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The Very First MRT Newsletter

We at the McGill Racing Team have been working hard to give back to you, our supporters, in the best way. We are proud to announce that the first ever McGill Racing Team newsletter is here! We will be releasing approximately three a year, with a different theme each time. Being the first issue, there is a larger focus on the background and history of the team. Check it out on issuu at the following link:


(we recommend viewing in full screen mode).


Newsletter Cover Page

Lemay Outillage Rocking our World!

Lemay Outillage, another local machine shop, has given their support to the McGill Racing Team by machining our rockers. For any of your machining needs, look no further than Lemay Outillage, they produce high quality machine parts!

Lemay Outillage

Join the McGill Racing Team’s Media and Communications subteam!

Specific Recruitment Flyer

The McGill Racing Team is looking for skilled and dedicated members to join their media and communications subteam! The open positions and their descriptions are listed below:

Photographer/Videographer: Attend community outreach events to take pictures and videos. Attend important internal meetings to document the design process. Adept in photo/video editing software to produce high quality material to release to the community

Newsletter Designer/Editor: Spearhead the effort to release at least 3 newsletter updates per year (Fall/Winter/Summer) The goal of the newsletter is to provide our followers and the community an update on our progress, the events we have attended, and our plan for the future. Adept in newsletter designing/publishing software such as Adobe InDesign

Event Planner: The McGill Racing Team plans and hosts multiple events during the school year. This includes a design unveiling and sponsor visits. Must be comfortable writing proposals and interacting with multiple groups to ensure the success of events

Web Designer: The McGill Racing Team currently occupies a McGill Blogs page. In order to have a more customizable website, the team would like to make the transition to a personal web page that is easier to modify. Looking for someone with experience designing, releasing, and maintaining webpages.

If you consider yourself qualified for any of these roles, please contact the team with a statement of intent. Please include experience, skills, and a motivational statement. The McGill Racing Team is a student run design team and therefore neither offers remuneration nor course credit for the work done by its members. The McGill Racing Team prides itself on providing its members with opportunities to complement their studies while also opening networking possibilities in the community.

To contact the McGill Racing Team, please email fsae@mail.mcgill.ca with subject “Media Team Application” and address your message to Matthieu Labaudinière

Additionally, please check out the team’s Facebook page and YouTube channel!

McGill Racing Team withdraws from Formula SAE East 2014

Cherished friends, family, supporters, and sponsors, it is with deep regret that we must announce that we will be unable to compete at Formula SAE East this coming week.

Our team has been grappling with substantial manufacturing hurdles this season and unfortunately they have proved too great to overcome in time.

We cannot thank you all enough for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing our newest prototype, MRT16, with you soon. Needless to say, we are very proud of the hard work our team has put in this year and believe we have a great design on our hands.

Members of our team will still be attending FSAE-Michigan as spectators; we look forward to seeing you there!

BMRS: The Best Fit for MRT16!

A huge thank you goes out to Brown and Miller Racing Solutions  for providing us with custom brake lines and fittings for MRT16!

bmrs website

A Cutting Edge Sponsor!

Thank you to our sponsor, Superior Alloy Technology, for providing us with the material and laser cutting services!


A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Thank you Johnston Plastics for providing the G10 Epoxy Laminate, and Superior Alloy Technology for providing the aluminum and waterjet cutting services!


Featured on the McGill Reporter!

Check out the great article written about us in the upcoming edition of the McGill Reporter!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.00.56 PM

A Generous Donation from NSK!

MRT is now fully equipped with bearings; thank you NSK for supporting us!


A Big Thank-You to Creaform!

Thank you Creaform for providing the SAE chapter with this awesome hand-held 3D scanner. This scanner can help us generate a 3D CAD model of any part!

Creaform 2

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