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Sponsorship is essential to the success of the team. Monetary and material contributions are crucial to the success of this project, and, therefore, we do our best to fulfill our sponsors’ marketing and advertising goals. Without the generous support of local enterprises, the team would not have access to appropriate materials or expertise to continue producing our car, year after year. Our sponsors not only help us reach our goals, but also ensure that our project continues for years to come.

In the following paragraphs, you will find the team’s activities through the year, our sponsorship levels and our projected budget for the year 2012-2013.

Tax-deductible receipts may be issued for individual or corporate donations. Contact us for more information on this matter. All material, equipment and machining contributions granted to the McGill Racing Team will be counted as monetary contributions equivalent to the retail price of the goods or services.

Companies interested in developing new racing applications for their products are welcome to discuss the possibilities with the McGill Racing Team.  Please feel free to email us at


The McGill Racing Team is an active presence at McGill University and throughout the city of Montreal. Participating in several events on and off campus, we strive to increase our visibility as much as possible. Show a strong commitment towards higher education in engineering and automotive development and gain exposure to key educational and customer markets through sponsorship.

Montreal Events

Montreal F1 Grand PrixFormula One Grand Prix of Canada
  • Public display of the car and team in downtown Montreal
  • One of the most widely attended F1 races in the world
  • Public display of car at professional engineering adwards gala
  • Recognition as a team project dedicated to engineering ingenuity and innovation

McGill Events

McGill Open House
  • Recruitment of new students
  • Over 10,000 attendees including prospective students and parents
Discover McGill / Orientation Week
  • Welcoming for new engineering students
  • Approximately 2,000 students and families

International Events

Formula SAE Michigan (Detroit, Michigan)
  • Annual World Competition of Formula SAE
  • 120 participating colleges and universities from 15 countries
  • Covered by various media across North America
  • More than 5,000 students, 2,000 judges and spectators
Formula SAE Lincoln (Lincoln, Nebraska)
  • Annual World Competition of Formula SAE
  • 80 participating colleges and universities from 12 countries
  • Covered by various media across North America
  • More than 3,000 students, 1,000 judges and spectators
Formual Student Germany (Hockenheim, Germany)
  • Annual World Competition of Formula SAE
  • 120 participating colleges and universities from 20 countries
  • Covered by various media worldwide
  • More than 8,000 students, 5,000 judges and spectators
  • Heavily supported by industry
  • Most prestigious FSAE competition in the world

Canadian Events

University of Toronto Shootout
  • Annual Time Trial held at Mosport International Raceway
  • 20 of the top FSAE teams from eastern Canada and the United States

Sponsorship Structure 2012-2013

This detailed sponsorship hierarchy will help you evaluate the return on your investment in the McGill Racing team. The sponsorship levels are designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate your business needs.

Sponsor Table

Projected Budget (2015-2016)

Building a race car is an expensive endeavour. Contrary to what one may expect, material costs account for only half of our expenses every year: the other half goes to often forgotten but equally important necessities, such as truck rentals, office supplies and insurance fees. The chart below roughly partitions where funds granted to the team are allocated.

Allocation of Funds

The McGill Racing Team exists and thrives on the generous donations of our sponsors. The chart below outlines a general breakdown on the source of sponsorship per year.

Sponsorship Sources

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