General guidelines for submission:

  • Submissions should be focused on the objectives of the Global Health Blog (see Mission Statement).

  • Contributors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their posts. Include references where appropriate.

  • Submissions must be the original work of the author submitting the blog post.

  • All blog post content must be truthful and respectful of the global community. Contributors are strongly encouraged to include relevant photos along with their blog post. Please be mindful of the pictures included (see GHP Blog Photo Guidelines).

  • Publishing of the blog post will be done at the discretion of the GHP blog editorial board. We reserve the right to decline publishing any post or to remove any post after it has been published.

  • We will not reuse or publish your content outside the Blog without contacting you and requesting your permission.

 Categories for Submission

  • Field Notes: Personal reflections on experience in the field related to global health. (max 350-400 words)

  • Book Reviews: Global health reads and why our community should be interested. (max 350-400 words)

  • In my opinion…: Opinion pieces on current global health news and issues. (max 350-400 words)

  • Photo Essay: 1 or more photos highlighting global health work. Please include a short description and please follow GHP Photo Guidelines.

  • Interviews: Interviews with global health professionals or academics. (no maximum word count)

Submission process:

  • We will not rewrite your post but will edit it for minor grammatical errors. You will hear back from us within one week.

To submit please email the following to

  • Title of submission

  • Your full name

  • Short one to two sentence bio about you. (Example: John is a U2 Biology student at McGill with a particular interest in child and maternal health).

  • Email address

  • Category of your submission

    • Field Notes

    • Book Reviews

    • In my opinion…

    • Photo Essay

    • Interviews

  • Txt document with blog post text

  • Photos (JPEG format please)


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