Julie in India: Post-Travel Report

Julie Vanderperre


AID India (Magasool) Internship, through the McGill Faculty of Arts Internship Office

Project Overview:

Last summer, I traveled to Tamil Nadu, India, where I conducted a research project with Magasool, a non-profit organization based in Chennai. My research was focused on the negative socioeconomic and health effects of alcoholism, an illness which plagues many low-income men within the state.

Vanderperre_photo_editWith the help of another intern, I created a survey and administered it to over 700 people throughout the state to gain insight on rates of alcoholism, and the ways in which addiction affected low-income families. The aim of the study was to quantify the many and varied medical costs attributed to alcohol addiction, including: hospitalizations for illnesses related to drinking, accidents that took place under the influence, domestic abuse related to alcohol consumption, productivity losses, and costs of rehabilitation. We also investigated the determinants of drinking, such as distance from a state-run liquor store, correlation between father and son drinking, and the correlation between income and drinking. Our data revealed startlingly high rates of alcohol addiction among men, especially in slums of Chennai, where 75% of men reported consuming liquor on a daily basis. A lack of awareness of the health risks of alcoholism, as well as inadequate access to health facilities and rehabilitation centers has led to a serious drinking problem in Tamil Nadu. Education and improved access to healthcare, in combination with restrictions on the availability of alcohol, are required to combat alcoholism within the state and mitigate the negative social and financial impact that alcohol addiction has on many low-income families throughout the state.


My experience working with Magasool allowed me to expand my data analysis skills, which I hope to further develop in the future. I was also able to conduct a follow-up research project, under the supervision of McGill’s Professor Kuhonta, which allowed me to conduct in-depth research and provide policy prescriptions. Most importantly, my internship experience allowed me to visit and speak with people throughout the state of Tamil Nadu who feel the effects of alcoholism, and to hopefully improve their situations through my research.



Julie is a recent graduate in Political Science from McGill. She is interested in international politics, economics, and policy, and is currently working in the field of journalism.

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