Salutations, mes amis!

Winter in Quebec.

Me enduring the chilly Quebec winters.

Greetings to the faceless (but, nonetheless, fabulous) denizens of cyberland who are reading my Grad Life McGill blog!  The first entry of a blog is always difficult to write.  I mean, it sets the standard, sort of.  And, if it’s one thing I could do with one less of, it’s expectations.  haha!

First, some background.

I’m beginning my second year of my graduate studies here at McGill.  I’m studying power engineering for my Master’s in Electrical Engineering, under the direction of Geza Joos in the Power Engineering Research Laboratory.  On campus, I’m involved in Queer McGill, the umbrella queer organization at McGill, where I had the opportunity to serve as one of its Social Coordinators.

My thesis deals with issues surrounding distributed generation.  Distributed generators are small-scale electric power generators that are usually placed at the local distribution level of an electric power system.  It’s a bit different from conventional systems that rely on centralized power generation from huge power plants that are far away from the cities that mainly consume the power.  With more and more interest in clean and renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, distributed generation offers a practical means of implementing all these eco-friendly energy sources in large quantities onto a power system.  I am studying the technical challenges that must be overcome in order to help us be able to make a difference with these clean energy sources.

I am from the good ol’ state of Ohio.  For any fellow Buckeyes reading this, “O-H…!!!”  I studied for my undergraduate degree at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio (aptly named after the Wright brothers, inventors of the airplane, who are from Dayton).  I grew up in a little town called Steubenville, Ohio, which happens to be on the other side of the state, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The past year or so has been the first time that I’ve lived somewhere outside of Ohio for a more than a year (gasp!).

My interests are kinda random.  They include music, playing board games, dancing, musicals, cooking, computer games, programming, politics, swimming, the list goes on… I happen to enjoy freestyle writing.  Hmmmm… other than that, I guess you’ll just have to wait and hear more to see what other random things I enjoy.  So, stay tuned!

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