What’s Montreal’s B. K. S.?

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I’ve ascended the mountain….felt the cobblestone beneath my feet…and now, I’ve taken a bite out of Montreal’s most famous smoked meat sandwich…What’s next?

Taking in the view from atop Mount Royal, spending an afternoon in Old Montreal and dining at Schwartz’s Deli are a few of the mainstream tourist attractions the vibrant city of Montreal has to offer. A quick search of the internet will reveal a bevy of other well-known Montreal specific activities, landmarks and events. Although these touristic experiences provide a glimpse into the city, do they truly capture the essence of Montreal? Do other lesser known activities or events offer a more vivid portrayal of the city’s spirit? As a new resident, I am unable to accurately respond. Any thoughts? What’s Montreal’s Best Kept Secret?

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  1. communications says:

    I hate to let on, but I think it is right across the street from Scwartz’s Deli – a Jewish deli called The Main, which also serves up smoked meat and poutine – together, if you like! They also have matzo ball soup, and latkes, and blintzes, and amazing cheesecake, and varenekes – similar to perogies.

    The Main is open until the wee wee hours, and there is nothing better than a pickle for a nickle after a late night out on St. Laurent.

    Best of all – no lines, because it is a well kept secret!

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