Snowboarding V: Fernie

The struggle is over.  I floated down the mountain powder on my snowboard front edge to back edge to front edge.  It was working.  I finally got the hang of snowboarding.

All that work in January and February learning the techniques paid off in one single spectucular day in Fernie.

I’m here for a conference on Spatial Knowledge and Information (SKI), which runs from 3 to 10 pm.  This way we can ski in the morning before an evening of presentations and ‘networking.’

The networking is going well too.  I’ve never felt more outgoing or confident.  It still feels strange to be an ‘independent researcher’ and consultant.  It will take some time to get into these roles.  There was a lot of security and safety in being a student.

But I’m glad those days are over.  I took a risk signing up for a PhD, but I finished.  I took a risk taking on snowboarding as a hobby, but it too has paid off.  More risks, more payoffs, but also more uncertainty are in store.  It is the price of freedom.  It is worth it.

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