How to eliminate grocery shopping from your life while still eating healthy and sticking exactly to your budget

Flyer from PA

Recently, I have been really feeling the pain of a knee injury that kept me limping for a week this week.  So, I had to think of creative ways *not* to move, which is usually the opposite of what I try to accomplish.  However, I discovered something amazing today that I wish I would have known when I moved to Montreal.

As many Montrealers know, the grocery store ‘PA‘ is one of the very best in the city.  There are two locations, and I am fortunate to live close to one of them.  They have really fresh produce, big variety, and fantastic prices.

Here’s the step-by-step way to get your groceries for the week:

Step 1: Make your grocery list in a word document.  Include your credit card number, your address and phone number, as well as any specific instructions regarding delivery.

Step 2: Fax your list to PA (see website) using a free online fax service such as

Step 3: Wait for your groceries to arrive, perfectly packaged and well-selected, to your door!

This works extremely well with my system of eating.  I make a plan of 2 or 3 recipes that I will eat all week long, plus what I eat for snacks and breakfast.  By sending the grocery store my list, I take away the risk of overbuying or impulse buying because I am not there to actually see what there is in the store.  You can specify to the store that you want the cheapest option, and you can also specify when the delivery should be made.


3 responses to “How to eliminate grocery shopping from your life while still eating healthy and sticking exactly to your budget”

  1. Dallas says:

    PA is the BEST grocery store in the city… possibly in the country! You are so lucky to live near one. I used to live right beside the downtown location and it was wonderful. They have an amazing selection and great prices, both of which made it easy for me to eat on a grad student budget while making inventive recipes.

    Great post, though I’m sorry to hear your knee is hurting. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. leona woodmass says:

    I agree that PA is the most European grocery experience I’ve had in Canada! I loved being enticed by their cheese section, and fighting my way through the crowded vegetable aisles. Great prices! Hooray for them to deliver at those rates.

  3. slots says:

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