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So let’s side track.  I haven’t written in a little while and here’s why:  I’ve been working on my…yes…thesis. And no that’s not up for discussion, not on any online forum.  Nowhere.  That’s it.  The mention of the word is there, and that’s it – so what was I saying?  Yes.  iBurger.  

I’d never heard of this place and honestly it kinda sounds like a Facebook/iPhone app.  But listen.  It’s good. I went there last night and the service (although confusing) isn’t all that bad.  You order ON the table.  Yes. ON the table.  The table is like an iPhone screen and you touch different buttons to view the menu and then place your order.  Not as frustrating as the pay-by-yourself isle at the grocery store or at Marks & Spencer, but a bit difficult to get used to.  To call the waiter, you need not snap your fingers, but simply press a button on your screen (didn’t work too well, ahhem, but I’m sure they’re working on that) as though you’re calling a flight attendant on the plane.  

The decor is very modern, with black and white paintings on the wall, black leather chairs, and a smooth glidy floor.  

So you’re waiting for the punchline.  The food.  Well. Well yes it was good!  I ordered the Chicken Burger – which is just that – ground chicken meat, stuffed with brie (this is a very rich and classy touch), with a side of fries and green salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  Tasted great and arrived within minutes.  You hardly needed to wait for your meal to arrive…I swear it was like fast food! Anyway.  The desserts sounded good and this definitely won’t be the last time I visit that place.  I may even become a regular.  Aside from lacking a way you could pay your bill ON the table (by pressing a button) – there wasn’t too much more I could have asked for.  Price-wise it wasn’t too bad (we’re talking $11.50 – $30 a plate).  

Go see for yourself!

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