Just to toot our own horn one more time, here’s why I love Montreal, and why you should really seriously consider moving here, especially if you get accepted at McGill.

We have really really good food: bagels, casse-croute (poutine, hot dogs and hamburgers), amazing cheese and coffee shops that make you drool from blocks away.

Bicycling lanes galore.  They don’t always hook up in a straightforward way, but once you get the hang of things, it is a lot of fun bicycling in Montreal.

Entertainment, night life and culture.  If music is your thing, you’ll want to be here pretty much year round.  The music and festivals never stop, from rock to jazz to classical.

Night life I don’t really do that much, but in that regard I honestly feel like I’m missing out on something if even 10% of the stories are true.

Art galleries everywhere, big ones, small ones, medium sized ones.  I have memberships at two of the largest, and I go there just to clear my mind.  Musee d’art contemporain and Musee des beaux arts.

A lot of free or really cheap musical events at McGill itself.   The best things in life really are free, and the music produced by McGill students is one of the best things in my life.  It is also the best music I’ve ever heard anywhere in my life.

You can learn french in Montreal.  It is difficult as a McGill student, as it always seems to fall to the bottom of the list.  But there are about a dozen top notch programs I can think of just off the top of my head.

Very friendly and approachable people.  You will make friends here even if (especially if?) you are a bit strange like me.

A wide variety of neighbourhoods.  Mile End, The Plateau, Little Italy, Villeray, these are just the ones you find heading north from McGill towards highway 40.  Get adventurous, try Parc-Extension, NDG or Cote Des Neiges.

Great weather, especially in the spring and fall.  Lots of time to do things outside and be very comfortable doing it.

Movies, markets, breakfast or brunch, picnics in the park, reading in the libraries or bookstores, or just walking, this is the place to be.

Saying yes to Montreal is the easiest thing I think I’ve ever had to do.

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