Reading Susan Wiggs’s books – No Bookmark required

The art of reading has always been my grand passion and varies from magazines, scientific papers, encyclopaedia and blogs to books (mystery, adventure, romance…). Over the years, I’ve developed a distinctive taste for a few authors, whose work I read religiously.

After a hard fruitful day in the lab, or during insurmountable difficulties with lab techniques failing, or unwanted tiffs with lab members or close relations; the one author who made me forget my worrisome and stressful world is Susan Wiggs.

Susan Wiggs has a unique way of capturing the heart of the reader and plunging the latter in a completely different world. Her characters portray genuine emotions and I couldn’t help but being swept by their stories.

It all happened, two years ago at Chapters. I was roaming the gigantic place inhaling the fragrance of newly published books when my eyes caught sight of “The horsemaster’s Daughter”. Out of reflex, I read the back cover and pondered on whether I should purchase the book (due to my meagre budget as a student, I had to be careful with my choices).

Never did I ever regret my decision of buying “The horsemaster’s daughter.” After reading the book for three hours (non-stop), I was sad to say goodbye to one of the most fascinating and brilliant character portrayed by Eliza Flyte as a horse whisperer.

What I love most about Susan Wiggs’s books is that she skillfully touches diverse aspects such as family, children, love, divorce, animals and integrate many of these themes in a single book, thus her writing is complete and profound. Today, I proudly own around twenty of her books in my collection, each as unique and different as the other.

Though all her books are highly recommended as perfect reads, “Just Breathe” and “Table of five” remain in my top three…or maybe the “Lakeshore Chronicles” and “Summer by the sea” should also be included. Though, it seems I am unable to decreed upon my top three selections :), I am certainly grateful that Susan Wiggs’s books form part of my Gradlife which required occasional and well-deserved escapes.

With much anticipation, I will be reading her latest book “The Goodbye Quilt” in the coming weeks.

If you want to forget about your world for a while and embrace a world of laughter, tears, passion which will leave you with smiles, go for Susan Wiggs.

Note: No bookmark is required as putting her books down after the first chapter is not even an imaginable possibility…

Neerusha Gokool Baurhoo

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  1. Susan Wiggs books are my vacation treat and reward for accomplished goals. I especially loved The Ocean Between Us, Home Before Dark, and Charm School. She balances the perfect combination of light and relaxing with in-depth writing.

  2. Totally agree! My first Susan Wiggs’ book was purchased at a pharmacy in the Okanagan as I was looking for a grea summer beach read. The book cover caught my eye and before I knew it I was bringing home a copy of Summer by the Sea which is part of the Lakeshore Chronicles It was love at first chapter. Wiggs had a few recipes within the book so I had to have a Wiggs’ dinner for my family. I highly recommend the Torta Creama (check on Susan’s blog/site) for recipe. I love Avalon (city created for the Lakeshore Chronicles) and anxiously waited for Daisy’s story.

    I was fortunuate enough to receive a hardcover copy of Lakeshore Christmas by Susan Wiggs (and sent by her assistant) in January for a recipe entry I contributed on her FB Christmas cookie exchange.

    Highly recommend Goodbye Quilt which truly demonstrates how talented Susan is as a writer from her books like Charm School, Ocean Between Us and the Lakeshore Chronicles to name but a few.

    Monica — I’m with you — reading Susan’s books are like a total reward for goals accomplished or lines that I strike off my busy to do list. Other great writers that are part of Wigg’s writing group include Sheila Roberts and Anjali Banerjee.

    I grew up in Montreal (incredible city) and my dad was a grad from McGill (B.Willers) 🙂

    To happy reading


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