In grad school, you are supposed to Specialize.  When I went into this whole thing, I thought I wanted to specialize in Mozart and Strauss.  These composers’ musics are perfectly suited to my voice – so that is what I pursued.  However, in hindsight, I think my specialization was INSANITY.

From day 1, in typical Rebecca Woodmass fashion, I took on far too many projects.  However, because of my organizational skills finely honed over time, I managed to convince myself and everyone around me that I, in fact, did not take on too many projects.  I did them well – but imagine how amazing my performances would have been if I hadn’t taken on too much?

Another proof that my specialization is insanity: I have exited grad school a regular performer of (arguable) the most insane music that exists right now – contemporary classical.  If you would like to see an example of what I am working on right now, check out this Youtube video (not of me, of course, but an amazing performance, nonetheless).  It is not as though this music necessarily comes naturally to me – I think I do it because I am one of very few other singers that is willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to pound the (insane) notes and rhythms into my head by osmosis over time.

Even when I do sing the standard repertoire, I tend towards insanity; evidence found in the concert that was the culmination of my Masters degree at McGill entitled ‘Madness and Folly: Coloratura Mad Scenes’ with pianist Cheryl Emery.  Even the demands of the concert were crazy – the amount of repertoire, combined with the level of difficulty, was more than even my teachers thought I should be doing.  But, how could I lose my reputation for insanity?

Next Saturday, I will be performing in an incredibly captivating show that combines two insanities – the actual dramatic representation of insanity in women, and the craziness of contemporary classical music.  Chants libres will be presenting scenes from 13 operas, fully staged and costumed, with orchestra at the Monument National. {for details click here}  I would be touched if you came – but, more importantly, YOU will be touched if you come.  It is a show you would be crazy to miss.

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  1. Gwilym Eades says:

    The show looks great! I’ll try to make it if I can. Thanks for a great post

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