Yes to Montreal 4! (French, or Limit as Possibility)

Come to Montreal where you can learn French.  There are many possibilities, but if you are into Montreal for the long haul, French is a must.

Quebec French is a unique beast.  I’ve been told that learning French in Quebec would be like learning English in Australia.  Accents and odd expressions add to the charm, appeal and frustration of learning Quebec French.

And if you don’t keep on top of it, it goes away.  This is easy to do in Montreal.  And I do tend to take easy routes.  That’s just my nature, and I always wrongly justify it by telling myself I’ve got some other major iron in the fire that I can’t take energy away from.

The same holds true today, post-PhD.  But now it’s do or die time.  I’ve already been told twice that I would’ve had the job if I’d known French.  I was the best interveiwee, except for the French aspect, I’d have the job.

So here I am, educated to the gills, drowning in education, in one of the most educational cities in North America (McGill, Concordia, UQAM and Universite de Montreal are only the four most prominent institutions of higher education here), and I’m barely treading water.

To truly stay afloat you need French.  So, you might say, I’ll go to McGill, get my degree, then leave.  That is your right.  But you might consider staying too.  At some point in time you just might consider it, I think most people do.
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