As we get close to spring convocation we get closer to closure but also to things opening up: our lives, multicoloured and variegated in all their manifold possibility.

These last five months have been very difficult.  I have been hard on myself since my defense December 7, 2010.  All this time I didnt even have that piece of paper and honestly thought it made no difference. 

Now I think it does make a difference.  I have not been a big convocation-attender in my life.  I skipped my bachelors and masters convocation ceremonies. 

But now my parents are coming all the way from Oklahoma (Mom) and BC (Dad) to see little-old-me don the cap and gown.  I am pretty excited about it, and I think it will help to get this validation from them and from the university.

I am not trying to offer advice.  This is a personal statement and reflection upon choices I have made in my life and the weight I have assigned to what I have in the past percieved as formalities.

Formalities mean more now.  I am going to enjoy convocation day (May 30 for me) and the fact that I get to do a spring convocation on the beautiful Montreal McGill campus and that my parents and my fiance get to join me. 

I have shamelessly stolen a picture from the McGill website to promote this post.  It is an exciting time and if you are convocating or know someone who is, I hope you enjoy the special event.  It is one of those things that only happens once in a lifetime.

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