Jumpstarting your social life in Montreal

We usually gather in really nice venues!

So you just arrived in Montreal a few months ago and you’re overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you need to read, write and do for your grad studies. And it is starting to get cold outside (not today in particular, but still…). And you realize you barely had time for some fun. Don’t panic, there is a way out!

As one of the thousands of expatriates that arrive in Montreal each year, I moved to the city a couple of years ago without knowing anyone. Having known InterNations before, I looked to see whether there was any event going on so I could mingle with fellow expats, but there were no activities in Montreal at that time. After posting some messages in the local forum asking for it, I was invited to organize the events in Montreal and become the city’s “ambassador”.

First event in Nov '09: by then it was possible to have everyone in the same picture!

I embraced the opportunity and organized a get-together with a whole bunch of ‘strangers’ with whom I only knew I had  one thing in common: we were all ‘global minds’. We had 25 attendees and it was great! So I went on and kept doing it once a month, and attendance was always about 30-35 people. Some people were always coming for the first time, but “old-timers” were always kind enough to make them feel welcome and ensure everyone has a good time. This endured for a few months and it was relatively easy to find venues, since the group size was relatively small.

Over 120 people attended the last get-together

Then during the Summer ’10, right before I started my PhD, I had to leave the country for a few months for work and no events took place during that time. I still wanted to continue doing it upon my return, but thinking that probably it would take some time to motivate people to come back to the events. My mistake! In the first event after I came back we jumped to about 65 attendees, mostly thanks to one highly motivated member who talked about the network to a lot of people over the summer. He is now an ambassador for the Montrealer community as well. That was back in September ’10: since then, the events keep getting bigger and better!

DJ Paradize sets the musical atmosphere for the event

Regular get-togethers take place once a month and are the ideal occasion for networking, having interesting conversations, and connecting with people from all over the world (40+ nationalities). The next event is happening this Wednesday at Le Confessionnal and it would be my pleasure to meet you, Grad Life Blog reader, over there. If you want to be part of this exclusive network of global minds and receive information about the upcoming events in Montreal, you can create a profile here.

2 responses to “Jumpstarting your social life in Montreal”

  1. Helgi says:

    That looks like something I would like to try, I’ll check back with you in January to see if I can join the club.

  2. Dallas says:

    Such a great idea!

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