A year that’s new (4) : Thoughts, Moments, Lessons, Hopes


That’s enough of looking back. Here’s to the year ahead – wide open and ready to be written. Full of hope and promise! Here are some of my wishes for 2012.

  • I hope that 2012 will bring only those challenges which are absolutely necessary, as 2011 brought enough challenges to last a while!
  • I hope to complain ONLY about what is really worth complaining about.
  • I hope for the year to be filled with new recipes, new adventures near or far, new memories with old friends, new research contacts and new developments in my projects.
  • I hope for a super productive year where I am filled with energy and able to accomplish a LOT in my work.
  • I hope to make my family, friends, supervisor and myself proud.
  • I hope to wake up on most mornings with energy and motivation.
  • I hope for steady health and easy breathing and sleeping on at least 300/366 days of the year.
  • I hope to be able to take an interesting photo every single day, without running out of inspiration. I am doing a 365-day photo project,  so that I make a small effort everyday to think about the world around me and how to improve my photography technique.
  • I hope to be able to write shorter blogs 😉
  • I hope not to lose anyone this year – in any way.
  • I hope for more days with cheese and marzipan – because there can never be enough of either!
  • I hope to read 3 books, from beginning to end.
  • I hope for wonderful days spent with Hubby.
  • I hope to maintain my work-life balance.
  • I hope to learn how to bake (following instructions with no real room for improvisation has never really been my forte … hence why I was awful at Chemistry labs).
  • I hope for lots and lots of sunshine.
  • I hope I catch myself smiling or laughing like a giddy kid, on at least 200/366 days of the year.
  • I hope to make a difference for my colleagues and/or friends, and to help them in some way.
  • I hope for more inner strength and more confidence in myself.
  • I hope for a short winter and a long, hot, eventful summer.
  • I hope for countless fulfilling days … for me, and for all of you!

Happy New Year. May it be just that — happy, and new.

One response to “A year that’s new (4) : Thoughts, Moments, Lessons, Hopes”

  1. Genny says:

    I also like cheese & marzipan, but not necessarily in that order (or together). PLEASE, just don’t make me choose one over the other!
    And, I like your once a day for once a yr. photo project-think it’s a great idea to pursue. I’m already looking fwd to your selection of your favorites.

    Love, Aunt Genny

    P.S. However,you ARE asking for alot. On the other hand, the more goals you set, the more you WILL achieve.

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