Exploring the Montreal Underground

I haven’t been very active on the blog recently, and I won’t even try to make up reasons. Instead, I will just attribute this to the lack of inspiration. Last weekend, however, I experienced something really exciting I decided to write about in our blog. More specifically, I spent Friday night in Montreal’s underground city exploring the “Art Souterrain” exhibition.

The Art Souterrain exhibition takes place in the huge underground pedestrian network in downtown Montreal. The contemporary artworks shown at the exhibition include paintings, photos, videos, installations, performances, and other stuff I would not even know how to define it. However, what makes this exhibition a unique experience is its urban setting of underground tunnels, food courts, office buildings, and shopping malls. More importantly, this exhibition makes its visitors go to places they might never go if not for the search of some artwork. This is exactly what happened to us.

I met with some friends on Friday night to go to that exhibition. One of my friends arrived well prepared and suggested to look for one specific artwork of an artist she knew. So we started looking for that work – without success. In fact we spent several hours looking for that work, but we were just not able to find it. Although my friend might have been a little disappointed about not finding the work we were looking for, I was really surprised about the experience of artistic work in Montreal’s underground. After giving up the search for the specific work, we just diffused through the vast underground network without any specific goal. On our random trajectory, we found artwork in places we had never been before. Probably due to the advanced time, we were the only individuals at lot of the places, which added to my surprise and to the unique experience. So our Friday night was like exploring a new city within our city, which was made up through artwork.

I will not philosophize more about the Art Souterrain exhibition or comment on specific work, instead I really recommend that the interested reader should go there and just have a look. I recommend going at night, preferably with some friends who know more about arts than I do…

The exhibition still goes until March 17, 2013 and more information can be found on the official homepage http://www.artsouterrain.com







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