Event: McGill Gets Inspired by TED-Talks

Three Minutes to Change the World

“Fast paced” is practically the antithese of “Grad School.” When you think about explaining your research, doing it quickly is rarely part of the experience. Most of us are prone to panic attacks when our presentations are limited to 45 minutes, discounting the question period as optional.  So what do you think about someone trying in less than 5?

Last week at McGill’s ASIS&T‘s symposium “Diving into new ideas,” graduate students partook in a Pecha Kucha presentation, where they battled to explain their research in under seven minutes.  Tomorrow’s event will give students half this time. Intense.

Tomorrow, March 21, at noon, McGill will be hosting a TED (esque) Talk event hosted by McGill’s Office of Sustainability with the PGSS. Graduate students will be presenting their research in a race against the clock. Each student will be limited to 3 minutes and tasked with explaining both their research and it’s impact on the community.

If you can’t be there in person, tune in tomorrow to stream the event live and let us know if you’re more impressed by the research or the way it’s delivered.

This race-against-time adrenaline rush may be the geekiest form of extreme sport. So let us unite over the fact that we’ll be sitting on the edge of our seats to watch academics sweat it out. Yolo as they say…

The event’s website explains:

McGill’s Office of SustainabilityGraduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and the Post-Graduate Students Society are hosting 3 Minutes to Change the World, a TED-talk style event featuring McGill graduate students giving three-minute presentations about their thesis research initiatives and their impact on the community. It takes all kinds of knowledge to change the world— thesis research from all disciplines will be showcased!

When: March 21st, 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. (One hour of presentations followed by a light lunch and networking).
Who: McGill graduate students from all disciplines
Where: Thomson House Ballroom.

Register to attend in person or stream the event live


Tomorrow I, along with a few other GradLife bloggers, will be there to witness the event. Join us or keep your eye on our website for some liveblogging.

by Tracey Regimbal

3 responses to “Event: McGill Gets Inspired by TED-Talks”

  1. Kristina says:

    This is SO useful! We often get so consumed by our research that we have trouble synthesizing the “big picture” in a clear way. We know from abstracts how difficult it is to master brevity, and we know from talking to our friends and family that it’s not always so easy to explain, in a few words, what we do and why we do it!
    I wish I could attend this event, but I’ll check it out online! Have fun!

  2. Julia Wagner says:

    Nice post Tracy! Don’t forget battledecks and accidental double-time pecha-kucha-style presentations too! Thanks for the promo too!

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