When things get a little crazeative

What happens when the temperature drops, and the stress rises? When there is not enough time to make it home from campus for a shower during exam period? When fun and relaxation seem to be restricted to rare moments of spare time?

Things get crazeative! See for yourself:

If you are a little confused by what you just saw, fear not. Seeing as my last post was about a hard-to-understand costume, this one might as well be about a hard-to-understand video. McGill is currently organizing a 15 seconds student video competition, dubbed #McGillAndMe, which invites students to put their creativity to test. As per the instructions, “It’s super short so be creative and have fun with it!” Having received a number of entries, McGill selected ten videos and posted them on the McGill facebook page, where the entries are currently competing for “likes”.

The video above is one of those entries, and it so happens that I am rather well acquainted with it, seeing as I feature in it (ever-so-briefly), along with some friends. I don’t think any of us can recall what message exactly we were trying to convey, but shooting it all on a sunny (and freezing) Sunday afternoon was huge fun, and our hero Frédéric (the main character) certainly got weird looks from passers-by as he enjoyed his little bath. Judging from facebook comments, reactions to the video have ranged from less than approbatory (“Es lo peor que jamas he visto en mi vida”, i.e. “It’s the worst I’ve seen in my life”) to seemingly amused (“It turns out that McGill students are a little goofy”). Either way, we’ve racked up more than 200 likes on facebook so far, which is around triple the amount that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s handpicked “Hockey Night playlist” has got, so I guess our little video is a success so far.

If you’re curious, this one and all other video entries are on the McGill facebook page, so check them out, and, who knows, “like” one or two! (I may have my personal bias as to which one that should be…).

Stay fresh! 🙂

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  1. Alexandra Blair says:

    After looking at the Facebook page and the other submissions, this one was definitely one of the most creative! Love it.

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