Goodbye, students from my conferences!

Instagram @gradlifemcgill // photo by @kipunsam.daily

Instagram @gradlifemcgill // photo by @kipunsam.daily

For the second time in my life, I was a TA. For 10 weeks, I had to read the assign articles and books of a class and prepare questions in order for students to discuss in the conferences.

Last year I wanted to die because I didn’t even know what conferences were supposed to be (I never had that kind of activities at the University of Montreal), and I had to entertain twenty young students in English.

This year, I was more comfortable. Still stressed, but less. Ouf!

I met incredible students, opened to the world, expert-to-be in their own field, nice and funny. Some were really helpful, correcting my English pronunciation or translating for me. Some encouraged me by their smile. It was really, at least I hope, a multidirectional exchange of knowledge.

Even if sometimes I felt that it took a lot of energy to go to class and create a friendly atmosphere for discussions, even if I sometimes was discouraged by the long silences, even if I at some point everyone was tired, I really enjoyed my experience. And I will miss talking with some of the students.

On their side, I guess I annoyed a lot of them, but several took the (precious end-of-the-term) time to write to me and thank me for being a good TA. Wow. They are great.

I am happy to go on holiday, but… I will miss them.

Do you like being a TA?

Ps:.: I made mistakes? Please, help me improve!


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