Future McGill Graduate Student?

Photo by Maryna Lesoway.

In the last several weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of talking with prospective students who are interested in joining our lab here at McGill. When considering starting graduate studies, particularly when starting a doctorate, it is important not just to check out the website of your potential supervisor and future lab to see that your research interests line up. It’s just as important to meet your potential supervisor, to check in with the students who are currently members of the research group, and to be sure that your personal styles are a good fit. Starting graduate studies is a decision that will make a big change in your life, and it is important to be aware of issues that could arise during the course of your studies.  After all, you will be working together for the next few years! (more…)

To Post Grad or Not?

by Tracey Regimbal

Maybe I’m alone in this, but graduate school sometimes feels like a choice between financial stability now and financial  stability in the future. How did I choose? Obviously my passion for sweater-vests and late night cafes made academia a tangible option.

When I graduated from my first degree I really thought employment opportunities would be kicking down my door. I left McGill with an International Development degree and thought I’d be scooped up by the United Nations, GreenPeace, or something alike. This was obviously not the case, although it did allow me to perfect my bartending skills. (more…)

A tumultuous move to Montreal

October, 2008. I am in Edmonton, finishing up my BSc at the U of Alberta. I apply for an NSERC, thinking there is NO WAY I will ever get it. I’m still rattled about not having any idea on how to become what I want to be, but maybe going to grad school is as good a starting point as any. Right? Right???

October 2008 – January, 2009. I apply to professors. Each time, I read countless papers, think of a unique questions I would like to address as their graduate student, draft a beautiful letter, send it off. I’m full of expectations. But no reply. No reply. NO REPLY NO REPLY. I apply throughout Canada and the Eastern US. No fishies biting. I feel hopeless, listless, and depressed. 38 beautiful, perfectly formulated letters later, I give up. (more…)

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