Breaking Ice

Let this post be our icebreaker. After this we can get down to buisness about my life in graduate school, or something like that.

OK. Let’s play “Would you rather…”

Would you rather wake up stranded on an a deserted island with Mel Gibson, or be followed around by a goat for the rest of your life?
Wait! Before you answer you need to ask me questions, for not every situation is as it seems…

For example:
YOU: “Can we get off the Island?”

ME: “Yes, but Mel Gibson can control time and space, so you wake up the next day back on the island with him.”

YOU: “Is the goat cute?”

ME: “Yes, but it can talk – and is actually a teenage girl trapped in the body of a goat.  She constantly bothers you with talk of boys, shopping, and her inability to send text messages.”

Alright, so that is how we play “Would you rather….” (stolen from Comedy Bang Bang hosted by Scott Aukerman) so feel free to leave your questions in the comments section.

Eventually you can make a decision, and if you are correct I will send you a prize in the form of an E-greeting. Personalized!

How is that for an ice breaker?



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