To leave or not to leave?

Every few weekends I drive into upstate New York or Vermont to hike or shop or eat at familiar restaurants I am accustomed to. Each time I go, I pass through the border and greet the American guard, forced to define my existence and immediate future. Nearly every time I am questioned, I receive the statement: ‘You’re from Texas? How did you get all the way up here?’

Now what was at first a novelty, has become a vexing question. People seem genuinely curious why someone travels over 3200 km to live and be educated. Each time I leave the border and that question, I find myself too wondering why it seems so odd. Texas (hot, conservative, religious, Primarily english with some spanish) is in many ways, quite literally the opposite of Quebec (Often post-apocalyptic temperatures, liberal, french). So why uproot and start over?

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