I signed up for Movember and for the first time I’m growing a moustache, or a Mo. While grad students usually have a hard time donating (everyone tells me: “I’m broke”), you can still participate by letting your Mo grow and spreading the word.

As for the girls, or Mo Sistas, there are also a few ways to help. Not only you can donate, but you can increase awareness within your circles: with some encouraging words, Mo Sistas can influence men to participate and grow a Mo, live a healthy lifestyle, and get checked regularly.

Since today it is only Movember 4th, there is not much to see yet, but I promise I will post a photo of myself later in the month so you can make fun of me! In the meantime, I’ll let you with some additional information about the initiative:


The wonders that humans are capable of

The human potential is simply remarkable. When human go against each other they can create things like war. They can create the terrible circumstances that were the subjects of a few posts last week. But when humans work together, they can create wonders.

At the Macdonald Campus, we created something of a small wonder this semester. It was quite magical. It was a flash mob.

Flash mob at the Mac campus. Photo credit: Sushant K Jha


Ça Marche!

Ça Marche 2010

The normally wild and boisterous main thoroughfare of St. Catherine suddenly descended into silence. Save for the murmur of traffic in the background, the crowd that had gathered stood still. Faces turned stern, others closed their eyes and lowered their heads. There was coughing, and the occasional sniffing, triggered by a runny nose or perhaps moist eyes. Yellowing leaves rustled overhead, almost careful not to make too much noise. (more…)

Long, long journey

The tires hummed lowly together with the mechanical sounds of the bike chain that spun at my feet’s command. The wind blew on my face, and the fabric of my shorts and T-shirt waved like a flying flag. Overhead, colossus, white cloud formations floated softly across a blue sky, at times greying suddenly as if with old age and spelling signs of the inevitable fall of rain. There was a change in the wind, I could feel it, I could smell it. A change in the wind that was blowing away the intense heat and humidity of summer, a change in the wind that brought with it the gentle cool and colours of autumn.


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