Dog Days

by Tracey B Regimbal
We’ve all heard of exam anxiety. We’re also familiar with puppy love. But have we heard of combining the two? Dalhousie recently raised a helping paw to facilitate their students during this stressful period. What did they do? A puppy room.

Girl and Dog

Puppy Room
A room filled with puppies.
Help students combat their exam anxiety.


What could be better than Dalhousie’s Dog Days? McGill’s very own! On December 4 and 6, 2012, Redpath Library  will be opening its doors (for the second time) to a campus-wide therapy session as we play host to cuddly canines. University students and faculty can fight their anxiety by opening their arms to the puppies – a welcome distraction to grueling schedules and daunting exams.


Cat Miracles: Can our misconceptions be unclouded?

While 7000 years ago, cats were worshipped and believed to be signs of fertility and protection, in the medieval times they were labelled as creatures of doom, bad luck, evilness and associated with black magic. These contrasting phases of history still loom over us today and deeply influence our conceptions of cats as suitable pets. A quick survey within the animal science department revealed 4 out of 14 people loved cats, while the rest clearly demonstrated slight to extreme resentments and termed themselves as “dog-persons.” Some stated that cats are selfish and uncaring.

  Is their statement a reliable fact or a mere misconception?


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