Robin Hobb: A fantasy writer out of this world

Most often, fantasy books share common plots with evil forces raging and courageous, supernatural individuals battling to save the world. The characters are mostly vampires, zombies or wizards and in the long run it gets tiring and boring. After reading numerous pale imitations of J.K. Rowling and Anne Rice, I long gave up on fantasy books. And wondered if a worthwhile fantasy book would come along and I’d be plunged once more in a world beyond me.

My call was finally answered when I stumbled on Robin Hobb ‘s marvellous books – Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven. Though she writes about a commonly fantastic beast probed by many other authors, she employs a different, yet refreshing approach with daring perspectives. Her unique settings and stimulating characters, which seemed so real to me, kept me awake for a couple of nights and even slipped into my dreams.

After reading these two books, the characters are still buzzing in my head and my heart is now firmly set on visiting the Elderling city of Kelsingra and Rain Wilds to enjoy life in the canopy trees, instead of Niagara Falls.

neerusha gokool baurhoo

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