EndNote for the iPad: giving a second chance

So after a first negative reaction, I decided to give the EndNote for the iPad a second chance. Basically my second impression is more positive than the first one, but I still think there are things to be improved in the overall EndNote ecosystem, if we can call it that way (desktop versions, sync, and iPad).

Let’s start with the syncing issues I reported. After my first post, I found that they had just fixed it, as well as the usability issues for the Mac version. So make sure you update both PC and Mac versions to the latest patch (6.0.1 and 6.0.2 respectively). That’s the first step. (more…)

EndNote for the iPad: not ready for prime time

My search for an optimal flow of searching, sorting, storing, organizing, reading and annotating papers continue. The current process is still a bit convoluted (and I’m not alone!), but it kind of works.
First of all, I am glad to have moved completely to a digital configuration. This summer the entire floor where my office is located will be renovated. I’ll be “officeless” for about five months. I have nothing to worry about, there are no more books or printed articles in my shelves. All I need is a device to connect to the Internet. (more…)
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