Solidification of a story

Gradlife Instagram photo by @steezsister

McGill Gradlife Instagram photo by @steezsister


Literally, the word “solidification” means making or becoming hard or solid, making stronger. I like to think of this word as a phase change, like from water to ice, or from magma to crystals or marble. The story that I have told so far in “The beginning of a story” and “Successes: the story continues…” has a liquid status that this text aims to solidify. A character without name will get one, a spatial location will be drawn around his body, a past will carve out his shape throughout the page. (more…)

Fiction at Odds

Pablo Picasso's abstract painting, entitled "La Lecture"

Pablo Picasso’s abstract painting, entitled “La Lecture”

Of late, I have come to notice that my screen likes to glare at me mockingly every time I attempt to write an entry. It is as if the whiteness of the page simply wishes to be undisturbed and I begin to wonder whether there has been an agreement between the proxy of the blog and my own “ordinateur” to deliberately instigate and encourage this case of writer’s block.

The ironic part remains that the very first piece I had written for Grad Life (unpublished) was specifically about writer’s block: an explanation and how to treat it. Apparently, to resolve this conflict, one must simply write. So I set to do exactly that but somehow, I always return to my conspiring empty screen. So what’s going on?


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