La Dolce Vita

Being a filmmaker has always been my dream. From as long as I can recall, I have been attracted to the world of cinema, with all that it entails: acting, scriptwriting, directing, producing, etc.

This interest was most probably inherited from my father, a big cinephile, who has introduced me at a very young age to this fascinating and addictive art. He used to say “I read more about movies than I watch them”- which was true. He had a huge library with big books on the Italian cinema, the neo-realism and the French New Wave, which he used to read eagerly everytime he had a chance. His favorite one was “Hitchcock by Truffaut”, which is a classic study of the great director and his films, comprising a series of dialogues between Hitchcock and Truffaut. French cineast Francois Truffaut, who was a big admirer of Hitchcock’s work, had the brilliant idea to interview the master of suspense, and collected all the information in a massive book divided scene by scene, film by film. I highly recommend this to anyone who is passionate about the 7th Art. (more…)

Campus event October 21st: An evening of classic experimental film

Thursday, October 21st, 7pm, The McGill Anthropology and Sociology Film Initiative will be presenting two classic experimental films:

The Man with the Movie Camera, directed by Dziga Vertov (black and white, silent, 68 min, 1929)

Go! Go! Go!, directed by Marie Menken (color, silent, 12 min, 1962-64)

The screenings will be held in the Cultural Studies Screening Room (3475 Peel Street), and will be presented by McGill Anthropology Prof. Lisa Stevenson, followed by what promises to be an exciting discussion. The event is totally free and open to everyone.

Check out the Initiative’s full fall schedule for more upcoming screenings.

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