Sir William C. Macdonald and The Good Seeds

Sir William Christopher Macdonald (Source: Wikipedia)

February 9th, was Founder’s Day at the MacDonald Campus. Crowds of students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered in the festively decorated gymnasium to celebrate the founder of the MacDonald campus, and major benefactor of McGill University, Sir. William C. Macdonald.

I have been a student at MacDonald Collage since 2005, when I started as an undergraduate in nutritional biochemistry. In all the years I have been at this school I have never gone to a Founder’s Day celebration. Classes are cancelled for this affair, and as an undergraduate I took every opportunity possible to not trek out to this campus, literally located on the furthest point away from Montreal as possible. I realized however, that this year I would have to attend as it would be my final opportunity to do so. By next year I will have graduated (fingers crossed).

The theme this year was ‘seeds of change’ and MacDonald campus “invited three dynamic and thought-provoking speakers to plant some seeds of their own.” I will briefly talk about some of these speakers, students Christian Elliott and Alex Pritz.

But first, I want to tell you what I learned about Sir William C. Macdonald.


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