Fall fashion 101

Let’s take a break from studying. What do you study in?

Photo credit: Garance Doré


Montreal fashion

It’s a gruelling process…this thesis thing.  It tests every fabric of your existence.   Not an easy task, and I find myself needing momentary breaks in the midst of it all.  I start to scan the Internet for fashion blogs, news from around the world, websites in other languages, pictures of European escapades.  Longing to escape.  Knowing that I shouldn’t before I finish.  Sigh.

So in my quests I came across The Sartorialist.  Not to say I came across.  That’s not what happened, I found it again for the first time.  I’ve always been a fashion blog reader.  My new addictions are Nerd Boyfriend and Garance Doré.  Yet, what I find is missing is a blog about Montreal street style.  No one’s capturing some of the unique personal expressions of fashion on our own streets.  All you see is New York, Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Chicago…Toronto.  You never see Montreal on the map.  Well, if you read NightLife, you see some of the quirky (and not so fashionable, sorry, I’m a snob) styles on some dead-end streets.  I’m not sure where they find these guys, they’re unique, but I’m not so sure about their style.

Of course, I can’t take on fashion photography right now, as much as I’d like to try to find the perfect SLR and start snapping away at all of the fabulous street looks on Saint-Laurent, Saint-Catherine and that corner of René-Lévesque and Peel (so chic), I just don’t have the time.  I was sitting one day at a café and decided to people watch.  Here are the categories of style that I noticed:

the fashion victims.


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