Salutations, mes amis!

Winter in Quebec.

Me enduring the chilly Quebec winters.

Greetings to the faceless (but, nonetheless, fabulous) denizens of cyberland who are reading my Grad Life McGill blog!  The first entry of a blog is always difficult to write.  I mean, it sets the standard, sort of.  And, if it’s one thing I could do with one less of, it’s expectations.  haha!

First, some background.

I’m beginning my second year of my graduate studies here at McGill.  I’m studying power engineering for my Master’s in Electrical Engineering, under the direction of Geza Joos in the Power Engineering Research Laboratory.  On campus, I’m involved in Queer McGill, the umbrella queer organization at McGill, where I had the opportunity to serve as one of its Social Coordinators. (more…)

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