ZZ’s Haphazard Pro Tips on Winter

A window!

Winter, a topic that requires no preamble.

Nonetheless I will state the obvious: Winter in Montreal is cold, dark, salty and grey.  It is full of small rocks that get in your boots and your bed. However, winter can also be beautiful, magical, spirited, romantic and quiet. Regardless of what it may or may not be, it is here now. So I have prepared a haphazard list of Pro Tips on winter survival (I am the pro):

1) Turn the heat on, and increase the household tog.

Putting plastic on the windows saves a tremendous amount of energy, and thus money. I have spent several winters Scrooging out and refusing to turn the heat on. Guess what happened? I was miserable, and never wanted to get out of bed. Having the luxury to exist in your home not wrapped in a blanket  is worth paying for. (more…)

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